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Total Service and Support for Electronic Display Systems
Most electronic displays represent a sizeable investment in money and, more importantly, your organization's public image. 

We work WITH you.

Most sign companies, specialize in servicing incandescent displays and neon. Their technicians are excellent at setting up and servicing all forms of fluorescent, fixed-LED, backlighting and neon. Your electronic display system is very different from any of these, and much more complex. Service or repair by inexperienced hands can result in decreased performance and even outright damage. 
Binary Signs, Inc. specializes only in electronic display systems, including repair, service, upgrades and support. We team up with your sign service company to make you look good. Our experience encompasses installations ranging from the individual business owner who needs to get his message out to prospective customers, to professional sports display systems requiring non-stop perfection from their displays.  

At binary signs, our goal is to team with existing sign sales and service companies to give them the power to branch into electronic display systems without fear of getting in over their head.
Don't know the first thing about Electronic signs?  
Don't have computer networking experience? 
Need to setup a nation wide/state wide/world wide digital display network?
Want to integrate, and in some cases consolidate software to a single source over multiple brands of displays?
We can help!

 If your looking to branch into electronic signage of any kind, but need some help,
call us today!  

Call us today at (225) 806-3490, or use the Contact page for a no-obligation discussion of your needs. 

Jeremy Wempren
25+ years of digital display service and support, component level electronics repair, custom builds sourcing, software and hardware programing in C++, VB, ASM,. 
if it has a blinky light i can work on it. All makes and models (China displays welcome) 
Kona Wempren
Puppers Field support.
I assist with lunch disposal on occasion. 
Just a very small sample of my work
Please send us a message if you have any questions
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